Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Cube: Episode 1

We here at Flaming Hat Audio Theater proudly present the first episode of "The Cube, Episode 1:  The Start of it All."   The show was written by both Burton and I.  We provided all of the voices (along with some modification by Audacity).  Sound effect credits go to  All images and sounds were edited under Debian Linux.  The mini-series will be released in small chunks about once or twice per week.  I know the file does not provide all the details of the storyline, but I hope it interests you enough to keep listening!  Enjoy the show!

Download Episode 1!

Hello All!

Hello, we're Flaming Hat Audio Theater, a modern audio drama group.  I'm Wesley Gray, with my brother Burton Gray, we try to create an original audio experience.  We have been working on a mini-series called "The Cube."  I won't reveal the details, for that you'll have to listen.  Links coming soon!